21C Apps, LLC is a mobile application and computer software company for the Twenty-First Century.  Apps for productivity, business, lifestyle, gaming, fun, and much more.  The focus will be on utilizing augmented reality (AR), as both a fun feature for games and social interaction and as a tool to improve our lives and businesses.  Our apps are available for download on the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and the Apple App Store (for iPhone and iOS devices).
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mARs Invader for iOS

mARs Invader is an Augmented Reality (AR) game app that uses your device's camera and screen to display 'UFOs' invading your city on your device's screen.  The goal of the game is to fire upon the UFOs to destroy it, this will earn one point and prompt another UFO.  Avoid enemy fire (red lasers) from the UFOs.  You only have three lives and 100 ammo for each game then your score restarts to 0, unless you purchase more lives or ammo.  Game score or points does not equate to any prize(s) or cash and there is no guarantee that your scores will be saved correctly in the app or Game Center.  Please do not play this game or use your device while driving or operating a motor vehicle. Available for FREE on App Store for iPhone

Fun Lotto Game

This is a for fun "lotto-like" game. This game is not an actual lottery or gambling game, no money or prizes are awarded. The player picks 5 different numbers (easy mode is 0 through 9, and difficult is 0 through 9). The goal is to guess as many random numbers as possible, each number guess is one point towards the game and overall score. Please, do not use this app or your mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. Available for FREE on Google Play Available with NO Ads on Google Play for $9.99 Available for FREE on App Store for iPhone

Split My Bill Android App

Split My Bill is an app to calculate each person's split of the bill, it also has an option to split the bill evenly. This app can split the bill separately for up to four people. Enter the total of the bill, the tax, and any gratuity that was added. Then check mark each person you want to include (up to four people) and enter the item cost for each item under each person. You can enter up to four separate items per person and also has a fifth entry per person for the total cost of all other items for that person. It even has an option for each person to add their own tip percentage. The app calculates each person's subtotal, the tax on the subtotal, the gratuity and / or tip, and the total amount that each person owes. Available for FREE ON Google Play Available with NO Ads on Google play for $9.99