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World Clock App for Android

This app takes your device's local time and estimates the local time zone using your longitude location (location sensors must be turned on). You may adjusted your local time zone if needed or not accurate based on your GPS longitude and adjust for Daylight Savings as needed. Then pick three different time zones and the app will calculate and display the time in that time zone. No warranties are created as to the accuracy of the time or location. You may need to adjust your local time zone especially if this app is unable to determine your device's location. Daylight Savings is only automatically enabled for US Time Zones Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time Zones during the months of March to October and the UK during the months of April to October, you may need to adjust Daylight Savings Time for other time zones or to reflect early / late March or late October daylight savings changes or for other reasons. Please, do not use this app or your device while operating a motor vehicle.

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